Aesthetic Nose Surgery (Rhinoplasty) Gaining Popularity

Rhinoplasty (nosejob) is again becoming a popular procedure.  The nose is front and center on the face and even small adjustments can significantly change the harmony of the face.  In most cases, results are predictable and patients now can get an idea of what to expect by way of video imaging.

There was a fall off in popularity of the procedure over the past few years.  Most of this decline was probably due to the economy.  However, the media made exaggerated coverage of really bad nose jobs (think Michael Jackson) that probably scared many who were considering the surgery.

Nose surgery is outpatient, physiologically not hard on the patient, and not very painful.  Nasal packing, if it is used at all, comes out within 24 hours so is not the issue it used to be.  Again, with the benefit to video imaging, patients have a pretty good idea of how things are going to turn out once healing is complete.

Rhinoplasty is probably the hardest of all aesthetic operations to get consistently good results.  Each nose provides the surgeon with it’s own anatomy that has to be adjusted to create harmony on the specific face.  It takes a lot of practice to understand how an adjustment in anatomy below the skin will translate into a very specific visual change on the face.

Some noses are harder than others and the expectations of the patients have to be in line with the capabilities of the operation.  This, again, is where video imaging can educate the patient and sometimes even the surgeon.

Rhinoplasty: pre-op left; post-op right
Rhinoplasty: pre-op left; post-op right


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Types of Rhinoplasties

There are different approaches to changing the shape of the nose surgically.  There are advantages of one type of operation over another and the surgeon chooses a specific one based on his needs in the operating room.  Because of this, many prospective patients are confused about the categories.

1. Closed Rhinoplasty-The procedure is performed without any external incisions in the nose. This is an indirect approach that does not allow direct visualization of the parts of the nose.

2.Open Rhinoplasty-Incision across the columella (the visible strut between the right and left nostrils)  is used to allow direct visualization of the various parts of the nose.

Columella (with scar)

3.Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty-Injectable fillers are used to change the appearance of the nose.

4.Septoplasty-Correction of curvature of the partition between the right and left airway.  This has no effect on the outward appearance of the nose.

5.Turbinectomy-Pruning of excess of filtering structure within the airway. This has no effect on the outward appearance of the nose.