EAC Facility

EAC Facility

The Emory Aesthetic Center for Surgery is located at 3200 Downwood Circle NW in the Buckhead neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia 30327. EAC is a fully licensed by the state of Georgia as an Ambulatory Surgical Facility. EAC has three fully equipped operating rooms and patients can choose to have local MAC sedation or general anesthesia. Patients are monitored by a team of (MD) anesthesiologists using their expert knowledge and the highest quality equipment available. Our first priority is to serve the safety and welfare of our patients. Dr. Zubowicz provides a private, comfortable alternative to an outpatient hospital setting. Our patients’ need for privacy, care and safety are met with courtesy and professionalism. Our goal is to provide the best environment for each of our patients so that surgery can be approached with comfort and confidence. Zubowicz-OverNightRoom Upon discharge from EAC, we offer extended care for patients who wish to stay the first night following their surgery at our elegant overnight suite in our office. The overnight stay may be a requirement depending on the extent of the patients’ operation. Our qualified registered nursing staff will attend to our patients’ every need in a room designed for comfort and privacy. Provisions for at home nursing assistance as well as transportation and hotel accommodations can also be arranged by our staff of professionals.

What is the advantage of a free-standing facility over a hospital based operating room?

EAC is more convenient and efficient than any large, general purpose operating facility. The operating rooms are dedicated to a narrow range of procedures. Hospitals, unfortunately, harbor all sorts of agressive and resistant bacteria. This is not a knock on hospitals, just a statement of the reality of the hospital environment.

What’s important about having a state license?

Maybe your life. The state inspects our operating room each year to make sure that we are living up to all our standards of excellence and performance. Many operating rooms function without such credentialing and therefore have no one to answer to. Most horror stories about outpatient surgery come from facilities that are not licensed or accredited. The state has no jurisdiction whatsoever over those entities.

What is the significance of certification by the AAAASC?

This certifying body looks very specifically at how we deal with patients relative to what we are-an ambulatory center for plastic surgery. We are surveyed by plastic surgeons who can focus more keenly on our patient population and their needs. They are very helpful in integrating the best practices of the various centers around the country. credentials