BrazilianButt Lift-Fat Transfer for Buttock Reshaping

A procedure that is increasing in popularity is the “Brazilian Butt Lift” which is a trade name of sorts for buttock volume enhancement using autologous fat.  As fat grafting in general becomes better understood and predictable, patients are getting better and better results.

The procedure is a lot more than just adding fat to the buttock region.  Almost always excess fat in peripheral areas such as the lower back (love handle) is reduced.  The idea is to properly frame the gluteal area.  This fat then becomes a source of material for the areas to be augmented.

Areas remote for the gluteal area are suctioned to collect the necessary fat for a good result.  It’s clear that a fairly large volume of fat needs  to be injected.  Studies suggest that anywhere from 50% to 70% of injected fat remains permanently. The abdomen is commonly a good source of fat for grafting.

Because of the need for a generous volume for a good result, thin individuals are not really good candidates.  General anesthesia is not necessary for the operation for most individuals.



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