Fixing the Damage From Too Much Sun Fun

As summer draws to a close it may be time to consider erasing some of the unwanted blemishes produced or exacerbated by sun exposure.  Specific treatment is dependent upon the magnitude of the problem and the skin type involved.  There are a number of approaches to consider.

  • Topical creams-modest improvement if any.  Hydroquinone is a bleaching agent that sometimes works.
  • Chemical peels-different formulations allow for different levels of treatment.  In our office we offer the Vipeel and the Vipeel precision.  These are painless treatments that can be used on any skin type.
  • Laser and other light treatments (IPL)-these devices offer different wavelengths for a variety of approaches to the skin problem.  In our office we have the Pearl laser for modest sun damage.  We also have the Unipulse CO2 laser for the more significant skin problems.
  • Dermabrasion is a technique not used so much anymore that mechanically sands the skin removing the epidermis and possible some of the dermis to achieve an effect.

For specific information about your skin, call 404 814-1100.  We are presently having a special on the Vipeel products.

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